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Is a wine club a good fit for you, and do they really offer better deals on wine? Joining a wine club can be an excellent choice, specially if you are an individual who wants to experiment with various styles of wine but have little to no time to go to local wine shop. Another advantage to wine club membership is the access to small wine production from ‘mom and pop’ wineries who cannot afford shipping licenses or marketing. There are an enormous variety of amazing wines in the world, and most of them can not be found on in your local store.

Which Wine Club is Best?

There are a huge range of wine clubs out there - some offer starting wines for people just learning about wine, while others offer $100 selections of the finest wines available in the world. There are many clubs in between these two ends as well. How do you know which to choose?

Choose a Price Range
Probably the first thing you need to do is examine your budget. Would you rather just spend $20 or less a month on a single bottle, to learn about wines in an inexpensive manner? Do you have a bit more to spend? Decide what price range this wine purchase will fall within.

Choose a Wine Style
There are clubs on every type of wine under the sun. There are Californian-only wine clubs, red wine clubs, sweet wine clubs, port wine clubs. There are "all the best across the world," "the tiny wines you can't find anywhere else," and all sorts of other combinations.

What are your goals to join a wine club?
To learn more about a particular region? To have fun tasting exotic red wines you can't find in the store? Narrow down what kind of club would suit your needs best.

Examine your Options
You should have enough information now to be able to look through the clubs that meet your criteria, and see which best suits your needs. Here is a chart of the major clubs out there, with what they offer. Note that all wines in the table are sent monthly..


P.S. One more thing, once you do join, give your new wines at least a week to recover from bottle shock due to shipping. Otherwise they’ll just taste weird.

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